Are You Tired of Your Smoking Addiction?

If you’ve been smoking for many years and have tried to quit time and again, but now believe that there’s little or no chance that you ever could, PLEASE contact Calgary Laserworks. There actually is a way…

Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-medical procedure that uses low level laser beams to help promote the release of endorphins (brain chemicals) in the body helping to lower tensions and stress levels, as well as eliminate cravings for nicotine.

During the laser treatment energy points on the hands, face, and ears will be stimulated. The treatment is very calming, pain-free and leaves you with a sense of well-being.

Calgary Laserworks will help with the key aspects of nicotine addiction and the common symptoms associated with withdrawal – physical, psychological, appetite suppression and detoxification:

  • Physical – block the need for nicotine and eliminate most, if not all, of the physical cravings for nicotine
  • Psychological – reduce stress and anxiety by providing tools and techniques to help you deal with the psychological issues
  • Appetite Suppression – hunger is caused by the body adjusting to lack of appetite suppression from nicotine
  • Detoxification – eliminate the dangerous nicotine and toxins from your body quickly and safely

At Calgary Laserworks we do not prescribe, we only suggest. We provide a list of supplements that will help the body eliminate nicotine and other toxins. The sooner all the poisons are removed from your body the sooner any residual cravings will disappear. The first 72 hours of quitting are considered to be a crucial detoxification period.

Technology has improved to the point where laser therapy is a safe, highly effective and affordable way to quit smoking once and for all.

If you long to live a normal, healthy and smoke free lifestyle, it’s never too late to get started. Regain control…call 403-301-3730. We’re here to help you succeed.