Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing you could be smoke free?

Give yourself the gift of restored health today – QUIT NOW – ONLY $249

Most people will try and quit many times before finally being able to. Combine Calgary Laserworks Stop Smoking Program with a true “desire to stop” and you’ll be on the road to success.

The treatment is very relaxing, pain-free and leaves you with a sense of well being. At Calgary Laserworks we focus on treating the three most common symptoms associated with withdrawal:

  • Block the need for nicotine
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Suppress your appetite

During this time you will be making changes both physically and habitually. We will support you and work with you when you need it the most. We will help you understand these changes as this is the key to success. We will provide information to help you change your behavior, make smarter choices, and of course, live a healthier life.

Call 403-301-3730 today. When we quit smoking we have so many questions. These issues and more will be discussed during your appointment, plus you can call us for support any time you feel the need.

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